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System Configuration:
Covert and Overt Parameters

The Suicide Bomb Detector employs sensors that are range driven to detect bombs physically carried on a person. These sensors can be installed to work on free-standing mounts, or covertly placed inside of discreet enclosures.

System Operation:
The Suicide Bomb Detector scans people in range. It takes readings and generates real-time alerts that a person may be carrying a suicide vest, belt, or explosive device strapped to the body.

Using a proprietary technology with unique software, the Suicide Bomb Detector can operate in both an overt and covert manner.

This enables bomb detection of suicide explosives with terror inflicting shrapnel to be discovered on terrorist and insurgent forces.

The Suicide Bomb Detector is used to detect body worn suicide vests, belts, backpacks carrying bombs that are command wired (CWIED) or remote controlled (RCIED). Shrapnel from body worn explosives are able to be detected, as well as electronic triggers that are hard wired. Wireless triggers such as cell phones or radio equipment are also detectable.

Terror Tactics  - Employed by insurgents and terrorists looking to detonate a body worn IED, the need for covert detection of both bombs and contraband weapons exists.

When these people approach a checkpoint or a building, and know they are being scanned for explosives and contraband, their reaction to intervention is fast.

The covert version of the Suicide Bomb Detector gives security and Law Enforcement the advantage during response times. They are in a better position to act when detecting a would-be suicide bomber by use of force if necessary.

Should the suicide bomber be disabled, an optional RF Jamming system can be activated. This countermeasure can be deployed in order to block remote triggering signals, should the terrorist handler become aware the suicide bomber has been discovered. The RF Jammer or Bomb Jammer would work to neutralize any RF triggers used as a backup for the suicide bomber. RF triggers are used to insure the suicide bomber complete the mission in case they have second thoughts about blowing themselves up.

The Suicide Bomb Detector can be covertly emplaced in stanchions, gate cones, trash bins, or bollards by embassies, courthouses, government buildings, military checkpoints, or border crossings without alerting attention, as the covert detection process takes place.

Suicide Bomb Detector

Defense Technologies to detect body worn Suicide Bombs

Covert Option: The BD300 series can come in a covert enclosure for use at building entrances.

This version can come with a hard-wired sensor application or a battery-powered wireless Bomb Detection application.