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Operating Parameters: The system is range driven to detect suicide vests, belts, backpacks + contraband weapons concealed on the body.

When a suicide bomber tries to enter a controlled area, such as a Government building, the system will alert the operator / security officer. This alert will correlate threat data, pinpointing the area on the terrorist' body, so that action can be taken.

Making this presentation during a live demonstration is very important for Police and Government users.

System Configuration: The system comes in a covert and overt setup. The sensor is able to be used when free standing, or mounted inside of a covert - discreet stand such as a bollard, stanchion, or traffic cone.

The system offers you the ability to demonstrate to security users how to defend against suicide terrorist threats. This Demonstration Kit assists in the procurement process, with emphasis on proof of concept.

The Suicide Bomb Detector Demonstration Kit

This system demonstrates to Police and Government users how to detect body worn suicide bombs and contraband weapons.

QUESTION: How do you explain to Government Buyers that a solution exists to combat Suicide Bombers?

Do you give them brochures and technical briefs to explain the technology? Do you show them a power point presentation outlining the strengths?

ANSWER: You show them a live demonstration! You make a professional presentation to show proof-of-concept in the real world, with live samples of weapons and bomb parts, detectable by the Suicide Bomb Detector.

This Demo Kit is available to partners and security distributors who need to show a LIVE PRESENTATIONS to Government Buyers.